Device Approval Services 

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Simplifying the product development and device approval process.

Innovations in electronic devices are redefining entire industries. These innovations often create tricky testing and certification challenges for Product Developers. There are new regulations being added and old standards being amended more and more.  In this economy, both start-ups and established companies find it hard to allocate the needed resources to adequately plan for efficient product development while proactively designing for compliance.

Device Approval Services has the engineering expertise, project management experience and industry contacts to solve cutting-edge conformity issues. We can begin as early in the process as needed (especially pre-prototype) to find solutions around obstacles in your path to successful market launch.

Strengths included:

  • To accurately assess your unique technology, application and markets. 
  • To create and execute a road-map for successful development incorporating best practices.
  • To prepare for and/or manage the testing at the lab, in the field or in-situ.
  • To satisfy the agencies, industry associations & stakeholders of various kinds. 
Extensive experience allows for streamlining your development process & accelerate your product launches.

Device Approval Services
Engineering Compliance Consultancy
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